Works In Progress

Launching in 2018
Haunted House Series

1) The Ghost in the Window - Published June 2018

When Rashid and Kawser buy a new home, they know it is the answer to their prayers, a dream end of terrace house in South London. A nest where they can grow their family in their forever home.
But there's a problem, or two. The house isn't just Rashids forever home. Inside it live the dark essences of the couple who owned it before, at war with each other Lizzy and George Blades souls can't move on.

Who wins and who loses when the dead refuse to stay dead?


2) The Ghost in the Mirror: 

Frank Blades is haunted by his inheritance a magic mirror that claims he has a great destiny. Franks been busy running from that destiny and mirror, but he can't run forever. 
It's time for a showdown on the Isle of Eigg in Scotland where Frank has to find his metal, break the curse, claim his destiny and save the girl, with the odds stacked against him will Frank win or will he lose?

3) The Ghost in the Water:

The black forest has a dark reputation, so when Gisela's destiny takes her deep into the belly of it, she tries hard to ignore its many legends.

But when those legends offer her an alliance she starts wondering exactly who she is meant to be. Gisela is resolute, she will discover herself, and what exactly it means to have the power of the ancestors in her blood. 

Will she succeed? and at what price? 

Termination Trilogy  

1) Earth Extinct

Adam is a normal Dad, with high hopes for his daughter Sarah's future. It's just a pity the world ended and the apocalypse got in the way. In their struggle to stay together, Adam the last man on Earth finally tests his metal to find her.

Will he succeed? Or are they destined to be apart for all eternity?

2) Seven Gates of Hell

The Gehennom system is an inhospitable vast planetary system. Taken there by an alien transporter, Adam needs to find an escape. The only thing he must consider is that no one ever has escaped. Using all his, wit, cunning and unlikely alliances can he escape from Gehennom (more commonly known as Hell).

Will he get away? Can he dig deep inside and find his metal?

3) Heavens End


I will continue to populate this page as works get closer to completion, but the above information is working titles and descriptions.