Works In Progress

Future works expected to arrive in 2017

The Demon Series 

1) The Demon of London: 

Jassassah has been working like a demon, probably because she is one. Stalking takes time and effort, but finding her victims is rewarding. Unseen she terrorises the good residents of London. Her devilish whispers play on their most basic desires, egos and heartbreaks. Relentlessly she try's to ruin lives.

Why? because she enjoys it. Who's next?

2) The Demon of Istanbul:  

Jassassah the demon got caught out in London, so she ran away to Istanbul, to her old Byzantine friend Galian.

Together Jassassah and Galian go in search of company. Why? Because they want to start a war. And that means they need an army. They look for the legendary demonic genies that are held prisoners in the catacombs of Istanbul. 

If they can free them then they can go to war, but there's only one catch impenetrable blood magic which keeps those genies captive. Nothing that a little human possession and deal making with a witch can't fix.

Will they build their army? Will they be successful?

3) The Demon of Dhaka:

Jassassah got kicked out of home, and that means hell. Yes seriously, that's because Jassassah is a demon. She was dumped in Dhaka, a city that hadn't felt her touch since the days of the British Raj.

She's looking for her acquaintances, the Daine and Churrell because she wants to have a little fun and she means that literally. Little as in children.

Who doesn't love children? lucky for her there's street children, that she can torment.

4) The Demon of Paris 

5) The Demon of Vienna

6) The Demon of New York

7) The Demon of Alexandria


Haunted House Series

1) The Ghost in the Window

Elizabeth can't move on. From the children's bedroom window she looks at him every night; the vigil tires her. Hate bubbles under her skin, her heart blackened by it. Her eyes defy her fury; she knows he's the reason her soul is trapped in the home that they shared during their loveless marriage. 

With only the young girl Saima as a friend, Elizabeth needs to find a way out of her personal hell before Albert her husband the man she watches, finds his way in. 

Will Elizabeth find an exit? Will Saima die? Will Albert win?

2) The Ghost in the Mirror: 

Heaven and Nevaeh are two twin girls struck by tragedy, one died and one lived, so traumatic is the loss that the one alive doesn't remember who she is, until the girl in the mirror reminds her. 

By then it's too late, fate and destiny decide between them.

5) The Ghost in the Water:

The black forest has a dark reputation, even when the campers visit, they sit around the campfire discussing the legends of the Witch. The problem with legends is that they are based on truth, and what the campers don't know is that she can hear them, with a mind to interrupt their party and remind them who she really is. What will happen to the campers? 


Man's End Series jointly authored with D. Green 

1) Earth Extinct

Adam is a normal Dad, who has normal hopes for his daughter Sarah's future. It's just a pity the apocoloypse got in the way and the world ended. With Sarah gone the only thing that ever mattered to the last man on Earth, he finds his metal to find her.


I will continue to populate this page as works get closer to completion, but the above information is working titles and descriptions.