Are you ready?

Are you Ready? Ready to be comforted? Ready to be scared?

Ayse Hafiza is a new voice on the horror and paranormal scene. Pioneering a new genre of Spiritual horror with an Islamic twist. Her titles are on sale via Amazon Kindle and other popular ebook platforms. 

The Demon Series (launching 2017)

In the begining there was darkness, and her. Travel around the globe with Jassassah as she finds her victims and creates hatred among humans. Who can stop her? And who's next? 

Azrael & Jinn Series

Published between 2016-2017 these ten short stories are separated into two different series. If you sign up to the website you get to read some of them for free.

The Jinn Series involves the mystical Jinn (Djinn, Jinni, Genie). The Jinn are part of the esoteric culture within Islamic understanding. They originate from smokeless fire, whereas mankind was made of clay. If you are hearing about them for the first time here is a link to Wikipedia to find out more. 

That's great but where can I read?

You don't need to own a kindle to read as there's a free app from Amazon that lets you read. If you're in the US, use these links to start reading PC Download US link Mac Download US link.If you're in the UK use Kindle for Android link, or Kindle for PC download link, or the Mac download link.

If you are in other parts of the world, you can download the stories from Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, inktera, 24symbols, Play, and more.

The catalog link displays all the titles including the new ones I haven't launched yet, whereas below are stories that are published and available. Happy browsing and get in touch if you want.