About Ayse

I hate talking about myself, but here goes. I’m a Londoner born and raised. I'm from a proud family of authors, so I feel that becoming a writer was in my stars. 

Without fail every night, my doting Dad read us bedtime stories as kids. Generally, Aesop’s, Anderson fairy tales, but he also told us colourful stories of Sultans, Emirs, and Maharanis. Daytime was for stories of Prophecy, and snapshots of the mystical world of the Jinn. Whereas, Mum took us to the library and made sure we always had a book in hand during the long summer holidays. 

After university, I was employed in business development roles by leading technology brands. My work led me on business trips to lots of different countries, and I’ve flown fully around the globe at least once. During a secondment in Singapore I started to discover my Spiritual self, and continue to learn each day.

I fell in love and married. My husband is my biggest supporter and without his understanding, you wouldn't have read the words on this page. We've temporarily moved to Istanbul so I can catch a break and write.

The works in progress link in the bottom left-hand corner of this website have my project plans, so you can see what ideas I plan to publish next.

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Yours truly,